(picture source: http://egnos-portal.gsa.europa.eu/discover-egnos/about-egnos/case-studies/egnos-yield-mapping-power-knowledge)

Yield Data: Your Annual Report Card

What variety was highest yielding across all of your farms? Which areas of each farm were most profitable? Which nutrients had the greatest effect on yield? Did that pesticide application pay? Your yield monitor can help to answer all of these questions and many more. Yield monitors are truly an annual report card for your farming operation.


Soil Compaction - an Underlying Cause of Yield Loss

Although soil compaction can occur at anytime, the harvest season and fall tillage activities often bring more wheel traffic to the field. To avoid soil compaction and the resulting yield loss compaction can cause in future crops, it is important to understand what causes soil compaction and take the measures necessary to manage compaction on your land.

Precision Ag Trends

Precision Agriculture is changing. The first step was adoption of the gadgets associated with precision agriculture: auto-steer, RTK guidance, yield monitors. Many growers have retro-fitted old machinery with these gadgets, or have them as standard components on new machinery. Driving straight and printing maps is only 5% of what this technology can do. The next step in precision ag is helping farmers use the other 95% of what this technology can do. This is accomplished by analyzing the data that is collected while these precision ag gadgets operate. As Ray LeMay of FarmLink said, "by analyzing data elements ... farmers can make decisions by focusing time and resources where greatest opportunity exists."