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 Nitrogen Knowledge Key to Effective Nitrogen Management

There are 17 essential nutrients required by plants to grow.  Of these 17 nutrients 3 are primary or major nutrients because they are needed in the largest quantities. Nitrogen is one of the primary nutrients along with Phosphorus and Potassium. 

                                 Should You Reduce Fertilizer Rates in Response to Lower Prices


Lower crop prices often trigger questions about ways to reduce input costs. For corn particularly,  fertilizer is often a large portion of the input cost budget and therefore often the first thing that gets reduced when crop prices drop.  While shifts in crop prices do not have an impact on optimal fertilizer rates, the impact is often not as great as you would expect.


Is Your Soil Tank Full or Running on Empty

Soil health is the basis to productivity.  Ignore your soil and you can kiss high yields good-bye.  The best way to monitor soil health is to have a fertility plan in place, this will ensure that your soil does not get neglected.  Soil health not only depends on the amount or balance of nutrients in your soil, but also on organic matter, water infiltration capacity, compaction, and soil biological activity.  Due to the complexity of soil health, it is important to have a multi-year fertility plan for each farm that will allow you to monitor the many factors of soil health and how changes you make to your farming practices or inputs influence soil health over time.