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Pest Watch 2018

The cold temperatures we have been experiencing so far, this winter are helping to lessen the threat of insect pests that have been able to overwinter in Ontario during the mild winters the last couple years, but inevitably there will be insect pests affect our 2018 corn and soybean crops during the growing season. Entomologists predict that the main pests to watch for in 2018 are: seed corn maggot and bean leaf beetle in soybean fields and western bean cutworm in corn fields.


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Soil Organic Matter

Resources: Christine Brown, OMAFRA Field Crop Sustainability Specialist, presentation at CCA Soil & Water Information Day, Nov. 2017 Guelph Ontario

We are losing organic matter in Ontario agricultural fields at an alarming rate. Christine Brown, OMAFRA Field Crop Sustainability Specialist presented a chart at a November 2017 meeting we had the opportunity to attend that showed the change in soil organic matter from 2002 to 2016.  During that 14-year period agricultural soils in Essex, Kent, and Lambton counties decreased soil organic matter approximately 0.8%.  That is a loss of 16000 lbs/ac of organic matter which significantly reduces the soil’s water holding capacity, water infiltration rates and aggregate stability.


A Legacy of Agricultural Excellence

A Legacy of Agricultural Excellence was the theme for this year’s 25th anniversary of the South West Agricultural Conference in Ridgetown.  Conference sessions covered topics from precision agriculture to nutrient management to cover crops to marketing.  Below are a few thought provoking statements or quotes we learned during the two days of informative sessions:

  • Farming a field’s average will continue to create average results.
  • Everyone is a livestock farmer...feeding the livestock below ground in our soils.
  • To remain independent, producers are going to need to become more interdependent.