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                                Problem Areas for Nutrient Loss

The fall season provides an excellent opportunity for applying some base fertilizers in preparation for the next growing season, especially when weather is as favorable as it has been this year. While using this time period allows us to maximize our efficiency and reduce our spring season workload, it also exposes us to potential nutrient loss through many avenues. As stewards of the land, we need to be aware of any potential danger areas and do our best to mitigate any nutrient losses. 

Top Ten Ways Precision Ag Can Benefit Your Farm

  • 4R Nutrient Stewardship – Right Product / Right Place / Right Time / Right Rate through the use of variable rate technology
  • ·    Soil – where agriculture begins. Precision Ag tools such as soil testing / moisture sensors can help evaluate soil health and be used to make recommendations for future crops to ensure soil sustainability
  • ·    Maximize your Input Dollars – through variable rate fertilizer and seeding, spend your input dollars on the areas of your farm where they can give you the best ROI
  • ·    Insight – pull the information you are collecting and your modern equipment is collecting together to evaluate production practices and gain insight you can use to change and improve for the next season.


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Winter Insights From Yield Data

 You’ve got the crop harvested and stored, the tillage done and the equipment washed and tucked inside for the winter. Before kicking off the work boots and celebrating another successful year in the fields, there is one last task to perform. Save your yield data.

Each growing season is an opportunity to learn and improve, and your yield data is the final report card. Yield data can provide numerous insights into your operation that aren’t readily apparent to your eye from the cab.