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              Sitting At The Intersection Of Technology And Tradition

 Each spring our family works off the winter rust and welcomes the new cropping season by tapping the maple bush for the spring sap run. This past year our father upgraded his operation with a new evaporator and new collection system designed to make the in-bush work a little easier.

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The top five reasons to work with a CCA

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       Cover Crops, a Farming Revolution with Deep Roots in the Past

The title above was the headline of a February 6, 2016 article in The New York Times which shows how main stream the topic of cover crops has become.  For many farmers however there are still factors that prevent them from using cover crops.  According to a recent survey in the U.S. by SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education) the top 3  factors preventing a farmer from using cover crops are:

1. Time

2. Cost

3. Fear of soil being too wet in spring and delaying planting 

Rain simulation table demonstrates that cover crops promote water infiltration and reduce sediment in runoff.