As-Applied Maps – Find Out What Really Happened

If you are hiring someone to spread fertilizer, spray or plant for you this season ask for the As-Applied Map. This map will show you what really happened at your farm. 

Did the fertilizer spreader really apply the variable rate prescription according to the recommendation or did the machine mal-function?  Where is the fungicide check-strip?  The only way to know the answers to these questions is from the as-applied map.  Like the black box from an airplane as-applied maps tell you what really happened.

If your own equipment can record as you plant, spray or spread set up your machine to save the file so that you can check that your machine is operating properly. 

Ask for the as-applied map before the operator begins.  Warriner Ag can store this information for you or create a map from the file.

It is your right to know what happens at your farm.