yield map sm

You’ve got the crop harvested and stored, the tillage done and the equipment washed and tucked inside for the winter. Before kicking off the work boots and celebrating another successful year in the fields, there is one last task to perform. Save your yield data.

Each growing season is an opportunity to learn and improve, and your yield data is the final report card. Yield data can provide numerous insights into your operation that aren’t readily apparent to your eye from the cab.

Clues to underlying soil issues can be observed by both high and low yielding areas. Compaction, pH imbalances, low nutrient zones and drainage issues will all make their presence known on a calibrated yield map. Careful analysis of the data and trends over time can help guide future soil testing, tillage and operations to take corrective measures.  High yielding areas may reveal favorable zones that respond to higher seeding rates, or indicate your soil’s nutrient “sweet spot”.

As growers we are constantly testing new farming methods, and this year has been no different. Whether it was a tillage trial, seeding rate or seed treatment comparison, nitrogen or fungicide response trial, your yield data can reveal more than just a bulk weigh-off result. Paying close attention to pass-by-pass variability through both the trial area and the entire field can indicate how big an impact each of the test treatments actually played on final yield. Pass-by-pass variability measures the difference in yield in each combine pass across the field. This is indicative of the natural variability of your field, and must be weighed against any observed variances between test treatments. When considering changes to your farm operation practices based on one or two years of trial results, be sure you are looking accurately at the effects before spending, or not spending, foolishly.

Whether you’ve got immediate plans to dive into the data in search of answers or not, don’t let this year’s lessons be lost. WarrinerAg can safely store your data, and help to extract maximum value back for your farm operation when the time comes.