as applied map

As-Applied Maps – Find Out What Really Happened

If you are hiring someone to spread fertilizer, spray or plant for you this season ask for the As-Applied Map. This map will show you what really happened at your farm. 

Did the fertilizer spreader really apply the variable rate prescription according to the recommendation or did the machine mal-function?  Where is the fungicide check-strip?  The only way to know the answers to these questions is from the as-applied map. 

variable planting sm

Planter Preparation For Peak Performance

There are a number of steps involved in preparing for the upcoming crop season. One of the most important each year is prepping the planter to ensure it’s ready to roll as soon as the ground is fit. Fortunately much of this work can be completed well ahead of time, but there are some critical elements of your planter’s performance that can only be assessed in the field.  The following are key elements of your planter that need to be checked prior to planting:


soil bank acct sm Soil Organic Matter: A Diversified Investment Portfolio Analogy

Our recent blog post titled “Soil Organic Matter” has brought up many questions. The number one question being: Why does continuous corn, that puts a lot of residue back into the soil each season, not build soil organic matter? The simple answer is that residue is not soil organic matter. It takes time, diversity, and an undisturbed environment to build soil organic matter.

Let’s think about a money analogy to hopefully make things clearer.